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What is Breast Reconstruction

BREAST RECONSTRUCTION Women who had breast surgery chose breast reconstruction surgery that may rebuild the shape and look of the breast. This surgery aims to restore the appearance of the breast affected by mastectomy or lumpectomy. If one of the breasts is concerned, it can be reconstructed. To improve the symmetry, shape and position of both the breast other position like breast augmentation or breast lift is recommended.

What are the types of Breast Reconstruction surgery

There are two types of breast reconstruction surgery:

  1. Implant-based reconstruction in which a breast implant filled with saline or silicone gel is used to form a new breast mound.
  2. Flap reconstruction also called autologous in this a new breast is formed by taking the body’s tissue from different parts like the belly, thigh, etc.

why should i get the Breast Reconstruction surgery?

To regain breast shape and feel confident after breast surgery, women opt for this procedure. If you want to make your chest look balance, to make your clothes fit best to you and to regain your breast shape permanently then this procedure is what you want.


If you have an implant then it will take a week or 2 to get back to normal with the hospital stay of 1-2 days but it will take even more weeks if you have a flap procedure and hospital stay for like 5-6 days. Precisely, women get back to work within 6-8 weeks. Self-examine your breast every month with an annual mammogram. The bruising and swelling due to the surgery may go within 8 weeks as well.

The benefit of this treatment is that it doesn’t interfere with cancer treatment. Be thoughtful and conscious while selecting the plastic surgeon for the treatment as it is the most critical aspect in making your surgery successful.


Pre-surgery preparation including anesthesia will take 2 hours while the actual process takes 1-6 hours to complete. You have to spend some time in the recovery area before shifting to the hospital room.

Many factors should be keenly observed while selecting the best one. You should consider which type of cancer treatment you had gone through, type of mastectomy, and the selection also largely depend upon the patient’s body type. Choice also depends on the availability of either of the two types of procedures in your area.

You can have surgery at the same time during breast cancer surgery, it is called immediate reconstruction. You may also have this surgery after several months or years of mastectomy, it is the delayed reconstruction. If someone has started chemotherapy or radiation therapy the reconstructive surgery is put off until these therapies are finished. Your surgeon after properly monitoring you and your medical history will determine the best time for the reconstructive procedure.

Most of the women feel tired and weak after the surgery; you will be given pain killers for that. You have to wear a particular undergarment until your breast heals. You have to take care of the surgical drain that will be with you when you are discharged it will just drain the excess fluid from surgery. Your reconstructed breast will not feel like the natural one you will feel numbness and tightness, it may take some time to give results. Many women suffer from emotional distress as the results are not appearing so be patient and wait for the results.

Cost of Breast Reconstruction starts from 125,000 AED (excluding VAT). Final cost is determined at the time of consultation.

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