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What is Breast Lift

A breast lift is also known as Mastopexy. It is a cosmetic surgical procedure to create a declining, blousy and saggy breasts into well-formed, perkier and aesthetically pleasing shape. Breast lift helps to restore a female’s physical appearance and make them attractive. Breast lift involves removing excess skin, raising the nipple and tightens breast tissues to uplift them that gives a female perfectly symmetrical and uplifted breasts. It is all about creating an overall proportioned, Inborn (Natural looking) breast.

What is the Breast lift procedure

A breast lift is performed on women who want to eliminate breast sag. This procedure can be performed for women with any degree of breast ptosis (sagging), although the techniques will vary slightly depending on the elasticity of your breast tissue.


The crescent lift is ideal for women who experience minimal sagging, or women who are choosing to combine their breast lift with breast augmentation. This small, crescent-shaped incision runs along the top edge of the areola. The crescent incision is hidden in the darker pigment and is relatively inconspicuous.


The lollipop lift is ideal for women with moderate sagging. This incision runs around the areola and extends vertically to the bottom of the breast for a shape that resembles a lollipop.


The anchor lift is appropriate for women with a significant amount of breast sagging.

Incisions run around the areola, down the lower pole of the breast, and along the breast crease. This breast lift option allows for the greatest amount of breast tightening and adjustment.

How long for breast lift Incision to heal?

Breast lift surgery hardly takes three to four weeks or A month, but patient is advised to not do any arduous exercises or any heavy lifting activities. Patient can take maximum seven to ten days leaves from work to take full rest.

During Breast Lift Surgery

The surgery will take maximum 2-3 hours and can be done through Incisions as incision helps surgeon in removing excess tissues and little bit of skin to insert implants after that there will be some stiches under your breasts, Patient will be under local anesthesia during surgery.


After your procedure, you will experience some tenderness in your breasts that can be managed with prescription pain medication. Lifting your arms may be difficult for a few days, but the tightness should slowly resolve and you may resume light activity as you begin to feel more comfortable. Exercise and strenuous activity should be avoided for at least a month. Depending on the nature of your job, you should be able to return to work in about seven to 10 days.


Scarring will develop at the incision sites following your breast lift. Scarring will fade over the following six months to one year, and can be reduced with topical creams and silicone strips.

You will begin to see the results of your breast lift immediately following the procedure, and these results will continue to improve over the following weeks as the swelling subsides.

Breast lift lasts for the very long time span of maximum 15 years, it is also depends on patient’s estrogen level intake that is responsible for the development of female reproductive system and make breasts larger in size and larger breasts have higher risk of drooping sooner after mastopexy compared with small breasts.

As it is a surgical procedure you will undoubtedly experience some discomfort confederated with the procedure, as pain is tolerable. Patient will be under general anesthesia during surgery. After surgery patient will be prescribed some pain relievers by the surgeon/doctor.

Breast lift surgery (Mastopexy) generally Safe. Risks express breast surgery includes:

Unconsciousness for a while

Cost of Breast Lift Mastopexy starts from  40,000 AED (excluding VAT). Final cost is determined at the time of consultation.

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