Dr. Adnan Tahir

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Born and bred in Manchester, UK, DR.ADNAN TAHIR comes from the family of medical professionals and aspiring doctors. Naturally, he was fascinated to be a surgeon, and his area of interest is reconstructive surgery.
He was mesmerized by the process, how an individual can be given his quality of life back after losing any part of the body due to illness or injury. He divulged in the complex process of reconstruction the more he explored more, he was convinced to be a reconstructive surgeon.
He completed his MSc. in surgical sciences from the University of London with a post-graduate thesis on Tissue Engineering. Later, Dr. Adnan Tahir was invited to Munich, Germany, at the European Tissue Engineering Society and to enlighten them with his findings.

With all his experience and studies, in around 1999, he started surgeries in his field. Moreover, he is a Board-Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, and he has specialized in the aesthetic procedures mostly concerning to face and breast.
His primary focus lies in reconstruction for the patient after burns and cancer, involving surgery on hands, face, and breast reconstructions; moreover, he also treats patients with skin cancer.
He has been attached to this field since the beginning of his career, and he takes pleasure in healing patients who have been through major trauma such as cancer and burns, and return their normalcy, self-esteem, and confidence.

Because of his empathic nature, he finds joy in treating patients after breast cancer, with breast augmentation and reconstruction. With this exceptional talent, he understands the impact he brings in people’s life; hence, Dr. Tahir is known for performing countless breast reduction, breast reconstruction, and procedures involving free tissue transfer in reconstructive procedures.
Nowadays, he is a known name in the Middle East for Breast reconstructive surgery, and especially for women with breast cancer. Until now, Dr. Tahir has roughly conducted 5000 surgeries, easily over 600 aesthetic, and weight-loss surgeries.

With his diverse skill, he helps patients with injuries burn injuries, head or neck injuries, hand injury, cleft, burns, and various kinds of traumas, whether it be an adult or a child.
In his treatment plan, he takes his patients through the process, explaining every step, and procedure, ensuring the patient is ready for any realistic outcome. He prepares the patient to be realistic; else, patients tend to reject the outcome, and that impact on the mental health substantially. He understands his responsibility to keep the patient’s expectations in check, and on his part, he strives to give his patients the best outcome he can create through his procedure.

He understands how these small changes can impact someone’s life significantly and can change the whole outlook and perspective of how they look at life. Moreover, he aims to make use of his skill by sharing his knowledge, helping the local doctors who work with minimal resources in challenging situations.
Ideally, he published many of his works, and his plastic surgery-related articles are published in many medical journals, and he actively presents them at medical events and conferences.

Areas of Expertise
  • Face: Aesthetics, Reconstruction, and neck Reconstruction
  • Hands: Aesthetics, burn injury
  • Breast: Augmentation, reconstruction, reduction, mastectomy, lipo-transfer
  • Body: Contouring, Lipo-sculpting, Bariatric surgery followed by massive weight loss.
Academic Awards and Membership
  • MSc in Surgical Sciences from the University of London, UK
  • Post-graduate award (PGA) in Medical Education from the University of Warwick, UK
  • MBBS from the University of Karachi, Pakistan
  • MRCS from the Royal College of Surgeons, UK
  • BTEC – Principles of Laser, Light and Associated Aesthetic Therapies from Mapperley Park Clinic, UK
  • DAFPRS Fellowship (Craniofacial/microsurgery) from Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) in Plastic Surgery on the GMC specialist register
  • FRCS (Plastics) from the Royal College of Surgeons, UK