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Breast Clinic by Dr. Adnan Tahir


Dr Adnan provides an enhanced patient experience with the best of British care measured by the quality of care that he delivers based on current best practice backed by science. He spends a lot of time with his patients listening to their needs and educating them about potential treatments they may require. Dr Adnan believes in doing the minimum necessary to achieve the desired outcome that is natural-looking and proportionate. He frequently uses the term “Beauty made better” to his clients to reflect this.

Breast Procedures by Dr. Adnan Tahir

Dr Adnan Tahir is a UK certified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon working exclusively in the heart of Dubai and offers his premium Breast procedures in his state of the art facility in Dubai.

Our Clinic.

Plastic Surgery Centre of UK

Skin is our envelope, our cover, our first layer, and we love to see it fresh, radiant, glowing, and healthy.
But when anything goes out of routine, for example, early aging, sagging skin, and hair fall, it may get very worrisome and self-esteem problems.
Nature and its bounties are countless. The sun that shines upon us, and gives us health, the air that we breathe, makes us feel alive, the vast ocean that soothes the eyes, and the rain that pour loves on land.
At Lutetia Dubai, we pay homage to nature and your natural skin, coming from the Aesthetic clinic in Paris.

What does nature mean for Aesthetic Clinic?
At Maison Lutetia, we are equipped with all the cutting edge technology, with the newest methods and approaches, and our experts are on their toes learning new crafts.
From the structure of the clinic, from all corners screams aesthetic beauty, to our procedural results, everything is purely aesthetically balanced. We only strive for treatments that yield natural-looking results and keep the things in balance aesthetically.
Ideally, we believe in working with nature, when some elements of nature go dormant due to environmental factors or lifestyle choices. We first try and coax the elements to rejuvenate and take its course naturally.
Similarly, our transplant is nothing but putting nature into action, with your hair follicle, re-implanted, is merely putting nature back in action to get aesthetically natural results.

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